Monday, June 25, 2012


The last few weeks have been spent regrouping - trying to find my way out from under the  the constant feeling of being overwhelmed and being unable to live up to my own expectations.   Trying to recapture the drive and motivation I had before.


I'm still not there yet.  But I will get there.

Life is a journey, and not an easy one at that, and here I am finally figuring that out.  Sometimes we make wrong turns, sometimes we make complete U-turns...sometimes we make a wrong turn but end up where we are supposed to anyway  AND sometimes we actually stay right on the path.  I guess what matters is the destination and our commitment to get there.

My commitment to my journey has not waivered, nor will it ever....but right now, I am on a detour of sorts.

So, while I am winding my way through the detour, I thought it would be a great time to share a little about myself - let you get to know me a little better.  I am definitely more than just a weight loss story (and right now, that is clearly not really the story)  So, over the next 5 days I present for your entertainment 25 things you NEVER wanted to know about me, but will be oh so glad once you do!

Here are the first 10!

1.  I am obsessed with brushes, picks and combs.  I have so many of them it is ridiculous.  In my mind, each one has a special purpose - it performs a certain function with my hair that the others couldn't possibly perform.  When I travel, I travel with nearly all of them - and when I have to leave one home, it is seriously concerning to me.  In fact, I typically find myself saying "I KNEW I should have brought that one".  My brushes, picks and combs are off limits to my daughters - and when they touch them (which happens alot because they think there must be something magical about Mom's brushes, combs and picks because she loves them so much), it makes me very unhappy!  The whole situation drives the Hubs crazy...but he loves me, so he tolerates.

2.  I love BIG hair.  The bigger the better.  Seriously, how I wasn't born in New Jersey is beyond me.  Now, do I wear my hair big - not really - full, with some volume...sure, but New Jersey, no.  I once told a hair stylist to think "news caster" when she was doing my hair.  I even stopped going to a hair stylist because she didn't believe in back combing - we weren't a match.  I LOVE BIG HAIR!

3.  My hair goal (every woman has that, right???) is Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I frequently tell my hair dresser this and I can just see her mentally pitying me for having such a lofty, unachievable goal.

4.  I have a diagnosed, level 4 anxiety disorder related to fear of flight.  I HATE flying.  Now, I have done my fair share of flying, but I do not enjoy it, and there are times (like now) where I just cannot do it at all.  Before boarding a flight I investigate the aircraft type, the layout, its safety name it.  I check weather patterns before flying. If they would let me have access to the pilot's flight record, I would review it before hand.  I also go through a "process" at the airport to prepare for the flight - if I am not allowed to go through said process, it sends me into a tail spin. I have cried often on flights - once with my kids (ugly) and  even on business trips.  My husband worked for jetBlue for over a year, and we didn't take one free flight because of all this.  

5.  I have an illogical fear of impalement.  I cannot stand to be around anything that could potentially impale me, or a loved one.  The handle of our plunger (or any plunger for that matter) and rebar are a couple of my more recent impalement concerns.

6.  I love MADEA.  For years I REFUSED to watch any of those movies.  I thought they would be stupid and irritating and offensive.  Then I watched Madea goes to Jail, and I was hooked.  Now I can't get enough Madea.  I squealed with delight when I saw the preview for the new Madea movie.

7.  I have an official favorite movie, and a real favorite movie.  My official favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. I do love the movie, have watched it a million times, and can't wait until my kids are old enough to watch it with me AND appreciate it.  BUT, my REAL favorite movies are Wedding Crashers and Couples Retreat.  I would choose to watch them ANY DAY over GWTW.  But, when asked my fave movie, I always say GWTW - classier, you know.

8.  For years I considered the use of chicken on a pizza a complete perversion - and I couldn't even calmly discuss the use of anything but traditional sauce.  I refused to touch any of the chicken, white sauce, etc. pizzas.  Flash forward to today...not only am I eating crow, I am also ONLY eating chicken pizzas!  They are so much more flavorful and interesting!!!  Given the choice, I would pick a chicken pizza over a traditional pizza any day!

9.  I was a die hard New Kids on the Block fan.  At the ripe old age of 15 I was convinced that Donnie Wahlberg was my soul mate!  While living in Boston I had the opportunity to meet Joey McIntyre (not my fave, but still a new kid!)...I passed...I was too afraid that I would behave irrationally and embarrass myself and the company I was working for!

10.  I am a sucker for a romantic comedy and I DESPISE critics who completely miss the point of them all!  No critic should EVER be allowed to review them, because they just don't get it. My absolute favorites of all time include Overboard, The Notebook and Raising Helen.

So, there are the first 10 things you never wanted to know about me!  I would just LOVE to hear an interesting little factoid about you!!!  COMMENT AND SHARE!


  1. Hope you find your balance and peace soon ♥ I have an irrational fear of scurvy ... like, the pirate disease, from Vitamin C deprivation. Everything today is vitamin enhanced, there's almost no way to get it. But if I'm in a car, plane, train, anything for more than three hours or so, I need citrus or I get antsy!

  2. I loved your list Connie!!  Here is a little factoid about myself...I detest static electricity!  I am the crazy lady at Walmart that you see slapping anything with metal before I pick it up...or going shopping with my entire family (or at least 1 child) so that I can push the cart and they can be my "helper" and take everything off the shelves for me.  I don't wear certain types of shoes if they cause static, and I don't sit on anything that is microfiber :)

  3. I was the same way with chicken in mexican dishes. To me, it just seemed gross...but a friend made chicken tacos for our book club meeting a couple of weeks ago and I fell ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!!! I even served them at my daughter's first birthday party. : )

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE NKOTB...and The Backstreet Boys...went and saw their duel concert NKOTBSB last June...the most AMAZING concert I have ever been too...and Donnie was lookin' FIIIIIINE!!!! ; )

    The Notebook is one of my all time favorite movies..."It wasn't STILL isn't over!!!" ahhhhhh Absolutely LOVE Overboard as well. "BA BA BA....BA BA BA BA BA"

    Hmmm...something "interesting" about me....My mother instilled a fear of glitter in me at a young age. I have gotten better about it...meaning I don't completely freak when I open a birthday or Christmas card and I'm covered in a puff of heart rate might spike though. I just don't like how it sticks to EVERYTHING and you can't seem to get it off...EVER!!! This is a fear I've definitely had to confront since my son started preschool...those teachers do love glitter don't they? Several times I went in to pick my son up and the teacher's face was covered in glitter! I'm sure I loved like a deer caught in headlights just staring at her...and all I could think was...she is NEVER going to get that all off of her face...EVER! : )

    Thanks for sharing...loved it! I may have to save this idea for when I don't have much new to say on my blog credit where credit is do of course! ; )

  4.  *looked like a deer in headlights...not

  5. Love it! Especially the New Kids part.  Joey was my favorite.  Remember when we snuck away from the lights at Temple Square so I could get a poster of him from Crossroads?  Haha great times.

  6. Loved the list :)
    I've got tons of pet peeves and irrational fears that drive my friends crazy (though it also entertains them) :)