Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Yesterday my body let me know how much it hates me right now. It was punishing me.  Forcing me to face the fact that I haven't been treating it so well, and so it wasn't about to treat me well when I decided I wanted it to perform for me.

I pushed my body hard over the weekend.  HARD.  Now, you my be thinking I went out and ran a few miles or walked many miles or even worked out at the gym like a mad woman. You would be wrong, though.

I did yard work.

Now, that may not sound like grueling exercise to anyone, but let me tell you, it was.

We pulled weeds, we trimmed bushes, we raked flower beds, we hauled loads.  FOR 6 HOURS ON SATURDAY AND 4 HOURS ON SUNDAY!  And all of that resulted in a massive 1000 calorie per hour burn...WHO KNEW!!!

In addition to the killer calorie burn, my yard looks AMAZING right now.  AMAZING! I am so proud of all the hard work we did!  BUT, my body is so, so, so sore!!!  My shoulders hurt, the backs of my legs hurt, my hands hurt - pretty much everything hurts.

THEN, as if that wasn't enough, I started a training program last night (more to come on that) and so with a very tired body that was sore, exhausted and begging for rest, I hit my first day of training...and it was ugly.  I felt SO sluggish and tired...my body was in complete rebellion against me.  BUT, I showed it who was boss, let me tell you!

Even though I am sore, and I hurt, and I'm stiff...you know what, it feels good.  It feels really good.  I know that I am once again doing what my body needs me to do, and even though it is groaning a bit, it will start to cooperate soon.

Now, I didn't do great with food this weekend. You see, I felt like I was working so hard in the yard that I couldn't possibly bring myself to make any food. SOOO...I ate out three times (UGH), and we cooked once.  I didn't drink Coke, which is a huge positive. Yesterday, though, I kicked my food into gear.  I tracked everything I ate and stayed within my calorie range.

AND, GUESS WHAT!!!  I have a secret weapon this time around,  I can't tell you a lot about my weapon right now, but I KNOW I am going to be successful because I have it.  My secret weapon has given me a laser like focus, and is motivating me like nothing else could. My secret weapon signed up for Spark People with me and is doing SO well - It makes me so proud and I wouldn't dream of doing anything that might take us off track!  Hopefully more to come about that!

AND AND AND....The Hubs started training with me too!!!

So, all the pieces are falling back into place.  THAT ALWAYS SCARES ME!  I am convinced it is just the calm before the storm.  BUT, I am going to try to be optimistic and see this as just the start of great success!!!

And, even though my body might hate me right now...it is going to thank me in the long run!



  1. Connie, that is SO AWESOME!!! I can't wait to hear all about all the new positive things going on in your life! I know what you mean about feeling uneasy when everything starts going right...but all those success stories that we read everyday...they had multiple setbacks and multiple restarts and it finally stuck! So its bound to happen for you sometime...so why not THIS time?! : )

  2. Sounds like you worked it.  Doing work in my garden always kicks my butt, so I'm sympathizing.  It can be quite a good work out.

  3. Sounds awesome & so great that your husband is joining you too! That extra support always helps :)