Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm still alive.

Still off the wagon...feels like its getting worse, and harder to pull away from the bad habits that are finding their way back into my life...

Very discouraged.  I keep thinking about all the ground I am losing.  How much further along I could be.

The weight I am gaining back...SUCKS!

I don't understand where the motivation and will to do this has gone!

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN!  Stress? Life? Discipline?

Maybe I just have to force myself until I feel motivated again...until I feel the forward momentum take over again!

Don't give up on me!

Tomorrow I am going to try to recover this, to start moving forward again. (It's always tomorrow, right!!)

I hope I can...I NEED to do this.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Its hard!  Its so much easier to go back to the things we know, the things that have put us where we are now.  It takes awhile to put new, better habits into place, and when they're not firmly planted, its too easy to revert.  I'm right there with you.  While I'm not gaining back, I am maintaining in a place I dont want to be. 
    You can do it!  We'll be here cheering you on, and picking you up when you need it.  I know that because others are doing it for me as well.  Hang in there!

  2. Don't give up!! Im going through it with you..Its so hard to keep at it..its a mental battle everyday fighting should I make a bad choice and just give up and go back to my old ways?? ughhhh..Im asking myself right now should I tell my husband to pick up take out instead of eating a healthy meal at home?? I think its hard also because people just seem to love us exactly the way we are so why should we have to change? Connie stick with and keep motivated your beautiful and now u just need to get healthy :) 

  3. Losing weight is incredibly hard - not the loss itself, because that's all calories in and out. But the mental side is a struggle, for sure. When I start to slip, I think about the reasons why I want to lose the weight and why I want to be healthy. Refocusing on your goals can help, for sure!

  4. It is hard to drop all bad habits at once ... take baby steps. Choose 1 thing, just one thing that you think pushes you off plan and stick with it. It doesn't have to be something huge, just something that will make a difference over time. Once you start seeing that you DO have the ability to push through, you can add something else. 

    You said you NEED to do this ... we're all here to support you. Go for it. Only GOOD can come from making positive changes in your life :)