Saturday, April 27, 2013


This week has been a roller coaster!  Work has been incredibly demanding this week and it has really thrown me off my schedule...and let me tell you, I live and die by my schedule.  AND, I think my body does too.  Being off my schedule, eating at weird times, sleeping at weird just doesn't sit well with me...AT ALL.  I had weighed a couple of times this week knowing that everything was out of whack and wanting to see how that was affecting me, and it seemed that this week was going to end up fairly tragic.

So imagine my surprise when after only 2 days of being back on schedule, I saw this when I stepped on the scale:

To say I was thrilled is an understatement.  After my poor showing on the scale last week, and a scale throughout the week that seemed it was not going to cooperate once see a 6.8 lbs. loss was jaw dropping.

I think its fake.

I think its how the scale is messing with my head.  Building me up so it can tear me down!

NO MATTER!  Today, I am happy to take the reading and let it start my weekend off right!  Welcoming myself to a new weight decade is fantastic!  I now have the 60's in my sights!

This coming week I am going to be really focused on getting back to a normal schedule, eating homemade foods, and getting in at least 3 days of exercise.  I want a good loss next week, and with a loss this big today, I am going to have to really work for it.

On another note, I read a GREAT blog post this week from Mary @ A Small Loss.  It was really powerful for me - a reminder that these decisions I make every day really do have long term impact! That I am not willing to give up life and limb, literally, to eat poorly!  There are too many things in this life that are of so much more worth to me!

This weekend we don't have much planned - and I love it.  As always we are going to try to get out on a hike.  The weather here in Utah this weekend is gorgeous!  So, we want to capitalize!  Last night we all pulled together to get our housework done - and it feels great to have 2 whole days with no chores to do!!!

Hope you have a great weekend, loaded with success in whatever journey you are on!!!


  1. Great job on the loss! Sometimes results can be surprising, and in either direction - the trick is to not get too excited or too upset either way. Accept the number, and keep working hard. You're doing great!

  2. Just great, Connie! You just keep this going. :D

    Totally agree with oh_mg too. Keep consistent with your process and don't get excited or upset. It's all in the calorie calculations, not the emotions.

    :-) Marion