Saturday, April 13, 2013


Time seems to fly between weigh ins!  Before I know it I'm stepping on the scale again.

I have to admit, the scale has been kind to me the last few weigh ins.  I am convinced that it is lulling me into a sense of well being so that it can pull the rug out from under me!!!  Oh well...I will take its kindness when it is giving.

Today I didn't have much time for my "weigh in morning routine".  My daughters both play volleyball and they had games this morning.  So I had to get up, get weighed and get going.  It made me a little unsettled to feel so rushed - I like a relaxed Saturday morning!

Here's what I saw when I stepped on the scale:

That is a 4.6 lbs. loss from last week!!  I'm not going to lie, I was thrilled!  Of course, I thought it was an erroneous reading so I weighed 4 times just to make sure.  Sure enough, it was real!  That brings my total weight loss to 44.2 lbs...AND today I reached my 10% weight loss mark!! I also broke into a new weight "decade" which feels FANTASTIC!

GREAT WEIGH IN!  Started the day off right!

Chris also had a great loss this week!  4 lbs.!  So proud of him for sticking to it, and so grateful that he is right by my side, supporting me on this journey!

After weigh in we headed to the girls' volleyball games.  It is so fun to watch them play.  They are both still learning, and a little tenuous about the ball, but I really hope they learn to love the game AND play it well.  I just ADORE volleyball!

After volleyball we came home and Chris made a FANTASTIC lunch.  He made chicken quesadillas using the canned chicken from Costco.  I have to tell you, I was pretty skeptical, but it was DELICIOUS.  He used some jalapeno in mine to spice it up and served it with some guacamole.  Mouthwatering!

Dinner was just as good!  I have been dying to try and make a baked pasta dish.  Tonight I decided to bite the bullet and do it.  It turned out so good!  Both girls gave it a 20 on a scale of 10!!  Let me tell you, when they both love it, it is a MIRACLE!  I added a little red pepper flake to the sauce and it gave it just the right kick!  It was so good.  I am actually going to post a recipe for it!  COMING SOON!

In addition to enjoying some delicious food this weekend, here are some other things we are planning on:

  • Criminal Minds marathon on A&E
  • Cleaning out closets
  • 'Life of Pi' in our homemade cardio cinema!  I am hoping to walk a 5K while enjoying the movie!  
  • I will be getting the chipped green polish off my toes and giving myself a fresh spring manicure and pedicure!  I almost died when I saw my weigh in photo!
  • We are really hoping to get a hike in if only the weather would cooperate!!  
  • Grocery shopping (UGH!  My least fave weekend activity)
  • Church (MUST recharge my spiritual batteries)

Glad to bid farewell to this week!  There were some rough moments!  But it ended on a high note and I am looking forward to the week to come!


  1. Congrats on the loss! That is fabulous!

    1. Thanks Melinda! I was pretty happy about it. But, like I said, weeks of big weight loss mean a skunk week is in my future. I am SO not looking forward to that!

  2. That is awesome Connie! Congratulations:)

    1. Thanks Leigh! I hope your internet is back up and running!

  3. Hi Connie! That's great. And even more so, a very real downward trend that is not merely bobbles.

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion! I agree, it is nice to see it really trending down, instead of just covering the same old territory I have covered a million times before!