Thursday, January 31, 2013


Last night was "spirit night" at the local Panda Express.  On spirit night the restaurant participating provides 20% of food purchases to the local elementary school.  Of course, my kids were dying to go and support their school (Uh huh - they wanted Panda, let's face it).  At first I was really hesitant because I am only a few days back on track, but in the end we decided to go.

I recently read a post by Katie @ Runs for Cookies that has really colored the way I am looking at this new attempt at reaching my goal weight.  Katie said that when she accepted that she was only going to make changes that she could live with forever she was finally able to lose the weight and achieve her goal weight. The post is fantastic and I would really encourage anyone struggling with weight loss / fitness to check it out.

Last night, as I thought about eating at Panda, I thought about Katie's post - and I realized I am not willing to give up eating out.  I am just not.  BUT, I am willing to limit it AND I am willing to make good choices.  And so, with that in mind, to Panda I went.  And you know what, I made great choices!  I ate mixed veggies, mushroom chicken and firecracker chicken, for a total of 420 calories.  I passed up the pot stickers (if you had any idea how much I love pot stickers, you would know what a MAJOR accomplishment it was) and a soda.  When we left, I felt satisfied physically and mentally.  It felt good.

After Panda we headed to McDonald's for a small vanilla cone (again, a runs for cookies idea) - it was the perfect ending, and again, I felt really satisfied.

I had planned to get a workout in last night, but some other important things came up that had to be taken care of.  Tonight I MUST work out.  It has been 2 days since I worked out and I can feel my desire and motivation fading quick.  It is so hard to build up a new habit, especially when it feels so miserable - which it does right now because my body is so overweight and out of shape - but the only thing to do to change it is FORCE the workout.  So, I am going to walk on the treadmill and maybe do a little Just Dance tonight.

All in all, still going well.  Food tracking - CHECK, staying in calorie range (1700 - 2000) CHECK, drinking water - CHECK, avoiding soda like the plague - CHECK.  I can't give exercise a check just yet - goal is 5 - 30 minute workouts each week.  This week I have logged, I have to workout today, tomorrow and Saturday and then I will be able to give it a CHECK.

5 days will be over before I know it, right!!!!


  1. Grrrrreat post!! I tooo love that comment katie made about only making changes u can live with forever