Friday, February 1, 2013


I am always so amazed by the creative juices that start to flow in me when I start to get rid of all of the trash getting in the way.

Trash of fast food.

Trash of "desperation eating".

Trash of soda.

These things make me feel out of control - they cloud my mind.  When I get rid of them - DANG - I am floored by the things that I start to think about, the menus that I start to come up with, the activities I choose to do.  I don't know what makes me go back to the cloudy, hazy state - it sucks to be in the cloudy, hazy state - this clear, creative state is so much better!!!

Last night as my husband and I were trying to decide what we were going to eat for dinner, we stumbled onto the idea of a BLT sandwich.  We have NEVER had BLT sandwiches before, but we thought it would be a fun experiment.   Oh. My. Goodness.  The creativity kicked in and what we made was fantastic.  Even my doubting daughters were thrilled with the meal!  We baked the bacon instead of frying it, which makes it nice and crispy but doesn't seem to shrink and shrivel it up.  We sliced the tomatoes thin, but not too thin, and added salt and pepper.  Of course iceberg lettuce AND we added fresh avocado slices with a little bit of kosher salt sprinkled on.  All of that went onto a toasted bolillo bun.  I wanted to cry it was so delicious.

To some, a BLT might not sound creative, but let me assure you, for me, it is.  I don't love to cook, and when we come up with something that tastes this good...boy, let me tell you, we feel like we hit a creative grand slam!!

Now, because of my weight, I can eat more calories than others and still lose weight.  So, right now I am not overly worried about calories...really, I am learning to eat "normal" and "normal" will help me lose weight.  I don't have to cut down to 1500  or 1200.  I just need to eat a normal caloric intake.  Anyway, my daily intake range is 1700- 2000 (suggested is 2000 - 2300, but hey, I can't live with that).  One day, however, that range will shift and I will need to be in the 1500 calorie range, so I am trying to think of ways to reduce the calories, but still enjoy some of these fantastic meals.  For the BLT we thought if we ate it open faced it would be a quick way to reduce calories, or reduce from 3 slices of bacon to 2.  I love that I am thinking this way.  It feels good to have a strategy that will allow me to keep eating the things I love, AND stay within my calorie range.

Another discovery...I FREAKING LOVE AVOCADO!  I mean, seriously, how has this fruit escaped my attention.  Sure, I have loved me some guacamole, but to eat an avocado sliced - nothing I would ever do.  TRAGIC.  This is about to become a new obsession for me!

Also,  Seriously, how anyone on a diet is not using this site is beyond me.  This woman has the greatest recipes and they are all healthy and low in calories.  It is my current lifeline!

I did get my workout in last night - 42 minutes on the treadmill (Oh yeah, you read that right - 42 minutes!!), and 15 minutes of Just Dance.  Thank you to Justin Timberlake and Eminem for pulling me through..they are my Sweat List lifesavers!! I need my 'Sexyback' and 'Lose Yourself" to push me when I want to give up!  They give me my second wind....I could be ready to drop and if one of those songs comes on, I am ready to push, push, push.

I tried out Just Dance Disney and it was much more doable for someone of my non-fitness level.  It felt more like doing "Walk Away the Pounds", and that is more my speed.  That doesn't mean I won't be going back to JD4...I need my "Moves like Jagger" and "Wild Wild West".

I am almost afraid to type how good I feel right now!  Do I need to hurry and knock on wood if I say it aloud?  Well, I guess I am taking that risk.  I FEEL DAMN GOOD!  I feel focused and I feel balanced...not overwhelmed or crazy...just balanced.

Day 6. Creative and Balanced.  I like it!

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  1. I'm not much of cook either, and I am definitely the epitome of a "picky eater" so I totally understand that new food excitement. Great job being creative -and- trying to pare down your calories at the same time.