Wednesday, March 14, 2012


After a fantastic weigh in on Saturday that had me riding HIGH HIGH HIGH, you would think staying on program and keeping up my fitness regimen would be a snap.  It hasn't been.  It has not been at all.

In fact, this week has been VERY challenging.  One of the most challenging weeks I have had so far.  A week that has seen a lot of bad habits creeping back into my daily life.


I haven't been feeling well AND I'm hormonal.  GREAT COMBO for a girl on a diet!  On Sunday I just felt...BLAH!  I had no energy and felt dizzy and light headed every time I stood up.  I spent the entire day sitting around, watching TV and not much else.  I am also hormonal (sorry male readers, this is just a fact of female life and it DEFINITELY affects diet and exercise).  Hormonal = swelling, at least for me it does, and when my ankles are swollen I just want to lay down and prop them up.  I also want to eat everything in sight.  EVERYTHING.

So, I don't feel well AND I'm hormonal.  GOOOOOOOD! Good for the program!

Besides feeling poorly AND being hormonal, work has been incredibly stressful this week. What do I do to deal with stress?  One guess (hint: I didn't get to 430 lbs. exercising to relieve stress) I EAT!  And boy am I battling that desire.  I want to eat to drown the emotions and the stress.  I want to eat to feel better.  I want to eat because I am hormonal.  I WANT TO EAT TO COPE!  And fighting that desire to eat is kicking my butt!

The combination of feeling sick, hormonal, stressed AND fighting the desire to chow down like a hound has left me when I get home I have no motivation to do anything.  I don't want to cook.  I don't want to work out.  I just want to lay on the couch or my bed and watch 'Modern Family'.

So, how has all of this manifested itself??


I've been snacky - yesterday I ate 23 points worth of SNACKS!

I haven't been tracking - I just spent the last 30 minutes going back and tracking for Monday and Tuesday.

I haven't been working out - I went swimming on Monday, but I haven't hit the treadmill since SATURDAY!  AND the only reason I went on Monday was because my older sister, who has Multiple Sclerosis, decided she was ready to start a fitness program.  I have been bugging her for MONTHS to get out and start doing some activity - so, to say no was NOT an option.

I ate out - I may have failed to mention here on the blog that I made a commitment to not eat out for the month of March.  This is both for diet and financial reasons.  Today, I snapped like a twig and ate out...and it made me feel guilty so I couldn't even enjoy it!

I'm overeating - I have eaten 24 points over my target for the week!

How, HOW does someone who just lost 7.6 lbs. after a 2 week plateau AND still has 247 lbs. to lose let this happen???


They are powerful, and they are hard to fight.  It took a long time to develop them and they aren't going away overnight.

BUT, they won't get the best of me...because I am determined...and hell hath no fury like a sick, hormonal, stressed woman who is determined.  HELL HATH NO FURY!


  1. I know EXACTLY what your going through...and I'm sure you know that because you read my blog as well. : ) I've FINALLY gotten back on track and I'm feeling really good about it...but if you had asked me that a few days ago...I would've told you that I was just ready to "get it over with and just get really fat" at Kathy Bates says in Fried Green Tomatoes. I BELIEVE that you will NOT give up! Your DETERMINATION is AWESOME!!! Keep it up lady! By this time next year, we both will be gearing up for bikini season (haha...I don't think I'll ever wear a bikini...but you get my meaning). : )

  2. Connie, the only thing I can tell you is that the longer you develop good habits, the easier it will be to keep said good habits.  Tracking for me is the single most important thing.  I track every single day.  Without fail.  Even the bad stuff.  It works, I'm telling you.  :-)

  3. I agree with Kelly.  Tracking is key.  I also track everything and it's a real eye opener to see what I ingest some days. That being said it really keeps me accountable.  It's so much harder for me to eat something I know I shouldn't if I know I have to write it down.  Good luck:)