Thursday, March 8, 2012


Tonight was my sixth consecutive day working out! It felt fantastic!  I don't think I have every worked out 6 days in a row in my life!

I have discovered a few things in these 6 days...

  • Working out after a full day at the office is hard. Really hard.  I feel far more worn out and I am not able to push my body as hard as I can on a weekend.
  • Swimming after a good workout on the treadmill is divine.  The treadmill is like my punishment, the swimming my reward.  I love it!
  • Proactively taking Ibuprofen before bed ensures that my aches and pains are not too bad the next is very worth it!
  • Eating right before a working out is a VERY bad idea.  VERY BAD.  I did that tonight, and long story short, I felt bad for anyone working out around me.  I will let you use your imagination about what that means.
  • Even though I am dedicating about an hour a day to workouts, sometimes more, I feel like I have far more time each day.  It is weird. 
  • In 6 days I can earn 51activity points on Weight Watchers.  That is a FULL DAY of points earned.  WOW!  I was floored when I saw that tonight.
  • Having a good friend with me while I am working out makes such a difference - the time passes faster and I feel more motivated to go.
  • I FREEZE after working out.  I mean, seriously freeze.  It's like my body just doesn't know how to handle it.  I shiver and shake and huddle under big, winter blankets trying to warm up. 
  • My favorite workout is when my whole family goes with me.  I love to have them all there...I love having family activities revolve around healthy activities versus activities where we sit on our butts and feed our faces.

It's amazing that only 1 week ago tonight I was thinking "working out isn't really for me".  Tonight I am thinking "I could make a lifetime commitment to this.  I really could!"

These last six days have been fantastic, outstanding, stupendous...but tomorrow...tomorrow I rest.

I've earned it!


  1. Even when I don't feel like exercising, I always feel better after I do...I am new to your blog and joined.  I also blog my weight loss journey.

  2. Great accomplishment.  Keep it up:)

  3. Paul,  Welcome to the blog!  Obviously I am at the very beginning of this journey and have  A LOT to learn.  Working out is a new adventure for me!!  I can't wait to check out your blog!!!

  4. Thank Leigh!  It feels really good!

  5. Hi Connie,

    I came to your blog via CJane and just wanted to let you know that I am rooting for you all the way! Your struggle is something that I've seen in my family (extended and immediate--to some degree) and I have a past full of eating disorders. (Long in my past now--which feels great). I know how difficult it can be to manage body and mind. I am cheering you on!

  6. You are inspiring! Well done on your exercise enthusiasm :)

  7. Thank you! Honestly, it feels great! I usually dread it before I go, but by the time I am done, I feel FANTASTIC!

  8. Molly, my family definitely struggles with weight issues. Although I have been officially overweight for about 17 years, I have had body image issues for almost my entire life. It feels great to take control where I can and start to replace terrible habits with healthy ones! Thanks for your support! It means a lot!

  9. Just found your blog and I am so happy for you!  This is NOT easy, in fact to me it's a job. I'll be following your blog from now on-your journey is definitely an inspiring one!