Saturday, March 3, 2012


Well, it is obvious that this journey is going to be the death of me.  I thought obesity would be the death of me, but I was clearly wrong.  WRONG! 

This morning was my weigh in.  Again, I went in with high hopes, I mean - I stayed on program all week...why wouldn't I lose weight.  This is a scientific formula - guaranteed to produce weight loss - calories in, calories out.


Today I weighed in at 419.8.  That is a loss of .4 lbs. and puts me back at the weight I was at 2 weeks ago.


I have no words.

I am mad.  Damn mad.

I know that on any weight loss program there will be set backs, but come on.  I do not weigh 155 lbs.  I am not trying to drop 10 lbs. to get to 145.


I would expect a struggle further down the road, but not now.  Not now at the beginning when my body should be breathing a sigh of a relief and tripping over itself to shed this weight.

Mentally, this is just absolutely exhausting.

I'm not giving up.  Trust me.  I can't.  It's just not an option. 

BUT, I am seriously questioning the effectiveness of the "new" Weight Watchers program.  The old program worked fabulously for me.  This one, well, it's treating me like the red headed step child.  It's taking me out in the alley and it is giving me a beat down. 

And that is how I feel, beat down.

I will give this program one more week, then I'm done.  There are a lot of other options out there, and one of them will be the right one for me.  I honestly thought this program was what I needed, but today, I'm not so sure.  Next week, I will be sure.

It's do or die this week Weight Watchers PointsPlus Program!! DO OR DIE!

4 hours post weigh in....

Take that you damn scale...Take that Weight Watchers PointsPlus.  Take that 419.8!

10 hours post weigh in....

If the weight won't come off willingly, I will DRIVE it from my body.  
This workout summary doesn't include the .50 mile I walked on another treadmill before having to move.

I walked a 5k today!



  1. How many calories is Weight Watchers saying you should consume in a day? Have you ever calculated your BMR?

    The BMR is the amount of calories your body would burn if you did NOTHING all day. That link also tells you how you can then take that BMR and calculate how many calories you should eat to MAINTAIN your current weight. You could then come up with your own daily caloric intake by figuring out how many pounds your aiming to lose a week (a pound = 3500 calories) and subtracting that amount from your maintenance calorie number. That's what I did and it working pretty well for me. Sorry if that all sounds confusing...that link will explain it all. : ) I'll be praying that you find a method that works for you and you start seeing the pounds drop off.

  2. Good luck with this week! Some weeks are slower than others, but all movement in the right direction is good!
    I have been reading weight loss blogs for a while now and while I do not personally use Weight Watchers, I got to see the transition from Points to Points Plus via quite a few bloggers. Overwhelmingly, people chose to continue to track with the old Points system. Zero point foods are a great idea in theory, but the reality is that nothing except water has zero calories. Since weight loss is, essentially, just calories in vs. calories out, ideally WW should be educating on the bigger picture - on moderation: yes, a banana is a better choice than a 100 calorie pack of cookies ... but overdoing it on "free" foods can be just as bad.

  3. Mary,

    I have made the decision to make some pretty drastic changes to the amount of points I am allowed each day.  The WW Pointsplus system allows me 65 points each day.  It is A LOT.  I typically cannot eat that many points.  Well, after the last couple of weeks without loss, I was curious, so I tracked a day where I ate 65 points in spark people.  I was SHOCKED to find that I ate 2800 calories that day.  Other days at 65 were similar.  There is NO WAY I can lose weight eating that much.  I just can't.  Maybe other can, I cannot.  I am lowering my daily points values to be more in line with a 2000 - 2300 calorie diet (which is what I think is appropriate for me at this weight, and from  my past experience).  I am also considered leaving WW after my 3 mos. is up and using Spark People or My Fitness Pal.

    Anyway, I feel much better to have discovered I don't feel as crazy as I was feeling the last 2 weeks!

  4. Erin,

    I took your advice and calculated my BMR.  That really helped me out.  I am making adjustments this week and am hoping to see the benefits on the scale Saturday.  THANK YOU!