Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A few years ago the Hubs and I went to a concert at a wonderful outdoor amphitheater here in the Salt Lake area.  The performer was John Hiatt. I had recently fallen in love with his music after hearing it on the movie "Raising Helen", and I was beyond excited to see him perform.

I hadn't spent much time getting to know Mr. Hiatt's music, so I was surprised to find out that he was the writer of MANY songs that I truly loved.  One of them was 'Have a Little Faith'.

The night we saw him in concert it was HOT - I mean blazing hot.  The first two-thirds of the concert were nearly unbearable - we were frying, and melting, and languishing.  But, finally the sun fell behind the mountains, and it started to cool just a bit - and a fantastic summer breeze started to blow through the amphitheater.

It was then that Mr. Hiatt performed 'Have a Little Faith'.

He performed the song without any back up - just him and his piano.  Besides his singing, there were no other noises except the rustling of the leaves on the trees from the fantastic summer breeze that had just found our little neck of the woods.  No kids crying, no noise from the crowd, no sound from the parking lot - just John Hiatt.

It was a spiritual experience.  There is no other way to describe it.  The absolute peace and beauty of that moment was overwhelming and by the end of the song I had tears running down my face.

The Hubs and I often talk about that concert and John Hiatt's performance of 'Have a Little Faith'.  We remember it fondly - it is one of those moments in our lives together that we will never forget.  It changes us a little.

Last night as I struggled with frustrations and irritations and ultimately with the desire to eat away my emotions, that experience popped into my head - that peaceful, beautiful rendition of 'Have a Little Faith'.

I realized that the memory of that moment was coming to me as a gentle reminder that I need to Have a Little Faith.

Faith in myself that I can make the right choices - even when it feels like I can't.

Faith that if I will block out the unnecessary noise of the day, I will hear the beautiful message that is being carried to me.

Faith that, just like the hot, blazing sun sank behind the mountains, all of these frustrations and irritations will too sink and the heat will pass and the cool breeze will start to blow - and everything will be OK.  Everything will be OK.

Faith that there is someone out there who is my BIGGEST supporter, and he has no intention of letting me fail, if I will just let him walk with me - and listen when he reminds me to Have a Little Faith.

So, today I have a new perspective.



  1. I'm so glad things turned out positive for you last night. I have faith in you. You can do this and reach your milestone. Looking forward to watching you reach many more too:)

  2. LOVE this song!!! Its been used in several movies and tv shows. Have you ever seen Benny and Joon? ; )

  3. That must have been an amazing experience. Glad you didn't resort to McD's - you've got the strength to do this :)

  4. I have seen Benny & Joon - I don't know if I remember the song in it though. Until I heard John HIatt sing it that night, I just never paid much attention to it!

  5. Thanks Leigh! I really appreciate your support. I love reading your blog - it keeps me focused on the next stage...when I actually get through the ups and downs and commit and start seeing serious results! You look fantastic, BTW!!