Monday, August 6, 2012


If you have been reading my blog for any period of time, you probably understand that I am a woman of extremes.

I swing from one extreme to the other like a big, emotional pendulum!!!

I don't tend to play in the middle very often where weight loss is concerned (or anything else for that matter).  I am either on track and gung ho, or I am off track - and eating at McDonald's every day.

Long term, I realize living in the extremes is not healthy or sustainable.  Obviously it hasn't been exactly fruitful for me either - yes, I do well for a period of time, but then I burn out...and the pendulum swings to the other extreme.

I know I will have to moderate myself if I want to make a lasting, life long change.

BUT, sometimes when I am 'in the extremes', I push myself and do things that I never thought I were possible.  HENCE, my hike to the Y.

Well, friends, in true Connie fashion, I have once again gone to the extreme!!!  I really felt like I needed something to motivate me to incorporate exercise as a key component of my current weight loss journey.

I believe strongly that my prior attempts to shed weight and get healthy have been far too focused on nutrition, and not enough on exercise. A good friend of mine is currently on her own weight loss journey, and she is REALLY kicking butt.  She started her journey SOLELY focused on exercise.  Slowly, but surely, the nutrition came along - and seriously, the weight loss has been amazing - in fact many people think she has had lap band or gastric bypass because she is shedding weight so quickly!!.   This has convinced me that exercise MUST be a priority.

So, this time around, I am trying to put a heavy focus on exercise.  AND, by put a heavy focus on exercise, I mean I signed up for a Half Marathon!!!

Yes, friends, you heard that right....I signed up for a half marathon. The Halloween Half in Provo, Utah to be exact!!!  I will not be running it....I will be walking it. This half marathon is friendly toward walkers (I really think more of them should be!!!) allowing 4 hours to complete the course (about an 18:20 minute mile pace).

Katie at Runs for Cookies (do you get tired of me referring to her???  Really, have you checked out her blog???  If not, you need to - then you will understand why I constantly refer to her) walked a half marathon BEFORE losing weight.  I decided I could do the same.

I think having this goal will help me to truly focus on the physical aspect of my journey and help me to take the next stop to getting healthy.

NOW, because I do much better when I have comrades in arms - I went ahead and signed up the Hubs AND my poor unsuspecting sister!!!  No, I did not tell them I was signing them up - this was done without their knowledge.  I JUST SIGNED THEM UP!  I didn't want to give them a chance to say "No".  LUCKILY, they both got on board and last Monday we started the Hal Higdon training program to walk a half marathon!!! my kids, my sister's Mother in Law, and two of my nieces are training with us!!!  We also have a dachshund - Magnum, and a bichon/yorkie mix - Ripley, in tow.  WE ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!

Saturday we completed our first week of training - culminating in a 3 mile walk (we actually walked 3.42 miles, but hey, who's counting!!)  Let me tell you, my body hates me - I am stiff and sore - and really stiff and really sore.  During the 3 mile walk I tripped and fell flat on my face - I bruised my ego, banged up my left knee and elbow, and twisted the right knee.  BUT, I got back up and I finished that walk.  AND tonight I will be back on the streets again, pounding the pavement, prepping for that 13.1 mile walk.

I will finish this program and walk that damn half marathon!!!

It will be worth it.  I know it will.  Even it if is extreme!

(P.S.  if you are interested in training with us for the Half Marathon, drop me a line!  We walk every scheduled night at 9:00 pm...the more the merrier!)

ALSO, check out my good friend Erin - she is rocking it on her Couch to 5K program!!! GO ERIN!!!


  1. That is so AWESOME!!! I walked 9 miles last Tuesday and thought I was going to die so I have mad props for you and your 13.1! : )

    BTW...thanks for the acknowledgement! ; )

  2. That's awesome Connie!!! Signing up for that challenge is a great way to stay motivated and keep pushing yourself to be the best you can be! Go for it!! :)