Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Biggest Loser: Pay It Forward

Here is my first attempt at "live blogging" a Biggest Loser  episode!
  • Post vote off sadness - sure - I don't believe it for a second!  
  • Not groovin' on Bob's glasses and preppy buttoned shirt
  • DISASTER - no trainers for the week.
  • Dolvett's "and then there was four" speech is over the top
  • OK.  I won't  lie, these kids are darling!
  • Way to go Bingo's mom!  27 lbs. lost!
  • I must be pre-menstrual, because Bingo's story is killing me...KILLING ME!
  • I have to admit, I am rooting for the girls in white.
  • Yeah, blue team is looking weak without Bob.
  • Oh man, it just bugs me so much when they start to turn the players against each other.  YES, really successful weight loss strategy.
  • Allright!  Red team is kicking A and taking names!  
  • I despise Jillian's armchair psychiatry.
  • Lindsay is so cute.  I just cannot stand how mean kids are to each other! 
  • PREACH IT DOLVETT - There. Is. No. Excuse. For. Bullying!
  • Cute cheerleaders helping Lindsay out!  
  • Challenge time!
  • RUNNING A 5K! Motivational Moment???
  • Go Michael!  You can do it!
  • Push through it Jackson!  Push through it!
  • The hubs just asked me why David Hasselhoff was running the 5k - it was Dr. H.  LMAO!
  • Love the jig, Joe...LOVE IT
  • Damn this show making me want to run a 5k...I would die!
  • OK. I am looking up the Biggest Loser Runwalk in Utah!
  • Midway UT, 6/29...here we come!!!
  • I love Jillian getting schooled!  ROW, Jillian, ROW!
  • Dolvett's look is crazy!!
  • Jeff bringing some attitude...not a good idea...not a good idea!
  • Jackson, you ARE a ripped bald black guy!  LOVE IT!
  • Way to go Michael!  12 lbs. down!
  • Seriously, when 4 lbs. lost is a disappointment, the wrong expectation is being set!
  • "Jillian is looking so smoking hot right here" - says my husband
  • Francelina's do looks like she is trying to channel Minnie Mouse
  • I hate that I Love Ali's sparkly dress!  Yes, dammit, I want to be able to wear that!
  • Way. To. Go. Jackson!!!
  • I'm a Utah girl, so I can't help but love Jackson!
  • cross those fingers girl!
  • devastated!  I just love Pam!  NOOOOOOOO!
  • You get your own makeover girl!!!  LOVE IT!
  • DAMN GIRL!!!!!
Overall, pretty good episode.  I will never get over the BS of voting people off, or sending them home. Again, if they really wanted this show to explode, keep them all there! 

I feel for the kids on the show and the struggles they are going through.  I would love to see them do a Biggest Loser kids edition - not just have kid ambassadors.  We are so terrified of addressing overweight in children!  Teaching them to track their calories, understand portion size and exercise regularly - these are tools they will use their whole life and can help them avoid so many painful, difficult moments!  We don't want to our kids to have to worry about these things, but the reality is if they are overweight, they are already worrying about a whole host of issues - helping them, instead of hiding from the issue, is the right thing to do.

Of course, Jillian had her crazy moments - no surprise.  As much as it bugs me to see her scream and yell, I think if I had to choose a trainer I would choose her.  

Sad to see Pam go home...so sad!  I just love her sassy attitude.  But, man, she just kept on going and she looked great!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she go herself a makeover!  

Well, I have had a long day and I am ready for a long nights sleep!

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