Saturday, February 23, 2013


Today is my weigh in day.  I just got off the scale.  I hate the scale.  No gain, but no loss either.  So disappointing.  I am trying to take it in stride, but it really makes me feel sad.  I have so much weight to lose and when I have a week like this, it feels like I might never get to my goal weight.

I went back through my food tracker - with the exception of one day (Monday, Longhorn Steakhouse) I have been right on track.  In fact, I feel as though I am improving my choices every week!

So, I have two choices here...freak out and give up - because in the long run that will make me happy, right!  OR deal with it, realize it happens, and keep moving forward.  Obviously there is no choice here...moving forward is the only choice.

You know, its funny, last night laying in bed I told my husband I wasn't expecting to lose weight this week.  I had a big loss last week, and just felt in my bones that this week the scale was going to skunk me.   And so it did.

Now, because I am trying to have a healthier mindset about how I approach this whole weight loss thing (I mean, I am going to be doing this for almost 2 years, so I better learn to be calm about it) I went back through my 2010 weight loss tracker.  In 2010 I was in the zone and lost 73 lbs.  I then promptly lost my job of 10 years and returned to bad, emotional eating habits and gained it all back.  ANYWAY, in 2010 I stalled at this same point.  It only lasted 1 week, but it happened...and the week after wasn't some mind blowing weight loss either...but it was loss, and I think I can expect the same to happen here.

I also think this is the time when I say - OK, add in the workouts again.  Don't keep ignoring the treadmill.  So, this week my goal is to work out 3 times.  Both weekend days and 1 day during the week.  That is doable, right???  I can make that happen.

So, it is the start of week 5, I'm feeling yuck about the weigh in, but I also feel like moving forward.  I have a milestone goal, and I will get there...I hope in March....I hope in March....I hope in March!!!


  1. I hate weeks like that. It is frustrating i felt like this month i was stalling out but i stepped up my game and started working out and have seen the scale start moving again. You CAN DO THIS!!!

  2. Hi Connie! A body doesn't let go of the same amount of weight each week. I almost always have a week with a good loss of 1.5 pounds and then a next week that is 0.25 pounds. That is really how it goes for many people. Have faith in the process. If you are eating the right amount of calories per day, it *will* result in weight loss. :D

    :-) Mairon

    1. Haha! I spelled my own name wrong!

      :-) Marion