Thursday, February 14, 2013


It has been over a week since I last blogged, and usually that is an indication of absolute disaster...BUT, this time it is not!!

Things are going really well - not one day off my program here since I started back on!!  AMAZING!

Saturday was my weigh in and I was down 3 lbs.  I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed - I really had hoped for a much larger loss, but I need to learn to be happy whenever my weight goes down!  It means things are moving in the right direction, even if it isn't at the speed I would like.

I have consistently tracked my food intake, and am always within my calorie range, and always consume my water.  I does feel like it is getting easier to manage, and I am really pleased with that.

This go round I am trying so hard to keep it all balanced.  I am a person who goes to extremes - swings like a pendulum from one extreme to the other - and that is not healthy.  I have got to learn to temper the extremes, and right now I feel like I am successfully doing that where my food intake is concerned.  Do I worry that it will all collapse and I will become insane?  Of course!  But, I am feeling good right now and I choose to dwell on that.

Some of the big challenges I have successfully navigated over the last week include my daughter's birthday party AND my nephew's birthday party.  One was at a buffet - I made fairly good choices, tracked everything and chose not to eat any cake, the other was at home and I kept myself to one cupcake and no ice cream!  Success!   I had a few eat outs and at each I made very wise choices AND learned again why eating at home pays - it is both financially and caloricaly (not a word, don't care!) smarter!!!.  Far, far more eat ins which is a fantastic trend.  Chris and I are really working to limit ourselves to one eat out each week for dinner and one for lunch.  This may sound like a lot to some, but to us, this is incredible progress.  We aren't perfect yet, but we are doing so much better!  Overall, I feel like each week is going better than the last.

I haven't gotten on the scale at all this week, so Saturday will be a surprise!  I just hope it is a good one!  It truly is discouraging to put work in and feel there is no result.  I realize it is normal to have weeks where the scale is stubborn, but honestly, I don't need that experience right now!

I have been struggling with getting my workouts in - this is clearly the nut that I am going to have to focus on cracking.  I am so busy at work right now - when I get home I am rushing to get dinner on the table, do a few chores, enjoy some time with the family, and then its time to hit the sack.  And mornings are just hectic and, honestly, I hate the mornings and don't want to get up any earlier than I already do.  I will probably have to make some sacrifices to get my workouts in - but right now I am doing what I can and for now, I feel that is sufficient.

I did workout once last week at 10:00 at night!  I thought, DAMMIT, I am getting a workout in come hell or highwater!  It actually felt really good and it was one of the easier workouts I have had.  I felt really good and didn't dread the entire situation   I was walking at the same speed and distance I had been going - the difference you ask? Bridesmaids - I watched it on my Kindle while I worked out and it completely distracted me from my breathing and the sound of the treadmill - all reminders of the workout I didn't need to hear.  I even refused to stop once I reached the end of my workout because I was at a point in the movie (the plane scene - CLASSIC) and wanted to see it through to the end.

Again, I know I have got to get my workouts going - they are so important to overall health - forget the weight loss!  I think I need to start with a goal of 2 times a week, and then move it up every 2 weeks, rather than just jumping into the "hit it 6 times a week or die" mode.  That isn't working for me.

Anyway, I am just thrilled to report that all is well, I am moving forward and feeling good.

Week 3 - on track, feeling motivated, eye of the tiger!


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    1. Thanks Leigh! So, I just saw your 'after' photo on your website! STUNNING! I have been reading your posts in reader and I knew you got a makeover, but I guess I didn't see the whole, glammed up result! GORGEOUS! And, BTW, I would never guess you were 42!