Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm back from the edge of insanity, and in recovery from my carb overload on Monday.

I knew that I had kind of lost it when my husband told me that one of his friends saw my blog post and called him to make sure that I was OK.

Yep...I can get just a little crazy.

But you know, this is really important to me!  I really want to be successful and get healthy!  For whatever reason on Monday it just felt like everything was falling apart - and sadly, it was exactly what I was expecting to happen!

I have avoided talking actual weight lately - I don't know why, I just have - I'm not ashamed of my weight...I hate it when people are!!! It is a part of me! Yes, a part I want to change, but a part of me nonetheless and feeling ashamed of it is actually counterproductive - so I don't.  I like my curves!  I just want them to be smaller!!!

So, here is the thing...I am at 402.2 lbs. right now.   I can see Three Street!!!  I can smell it - I want to get there so badly!  this is a major milestone for me!  Bidding farewell to the four hundreds..."see ya, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!!"...I'm ready.  BUT, I have been at this point before - I have been this close before - in fact exactly one year ago at this time I was right where I am now...and you know what, I failed.  I back slid.  I didn't hit the milestone AND I gave up.

I'm terrified of it happening again.

So, on Monday when I felt all sick and bloated and gross from eating a carb laden dinner, well, I was convinced it was the beginning of the end.

It wasn't.

Tuesday I was a rock star.  I was right back on track.  I decided to try to ease up on breads, rice, etc. all around - not give it up, but pay closer attention and limit it somewhat - just try to get better control.

Today has been the same.  Doing well, choosing less carbs and driving forward.

I don't know if I will hit Three Street this week - I hope so - but if I don't, I will keep trying!!

On another note, I am THRILLED to report that I have actively logged my food intake EVERY. EFFING. SINGLE. DAY since January 28, 2013!!!  That is a major milestone unto itself and I am damn proud of it!  It has made a huge difference in my focus, my control, and my success.



  1. great attitude and that's awesome on tracking it makes all the difference! You have got this!

  2. Hi Connie! I have a friend who recently got out of the 400's and into the 300's. It was so incredibly awesome for him. It's just hard to explain/comprehend how much higher his self-esteem went. And that elated feeling lasted for months, and it became easier for him to lose weight because of this happiness. So I wish you this happy milestone and look forward to your continued success.

    :-) Marion