Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sometimes my little sister (she's 35, but hey, to me she will always be my little sister) has more wisdom than I give her credit for.  Today I thought I would give her a little credit for some of that wisdom, because, WELL,  she deserves it!!

Last week I posted that I had struggled emotionally and overall felt frustrated and overwhelmed by my weight loss journey.  Kelly (that's my little sister) read my post and offered me the following sage advice:

I really feel you! I've been trying to focus on my small goal (XX lbs. by our niece's wedding) rather than my ultimate goal (XXX lbs...a total loss of XXX big ones). Makes it feel a little more manageable. After her wedding, I'm going to set another more manageable goal... Maybe another XXX before Christmas? Who knows. But taking it in little bites is easier than trying to swallow it whole. And there's a happy little food analogy from a fellow addict!

I decided to do some editing on her comment - if she wants to share her journey, I will let her make that decision - I won't share it for her.  Although I am extremely proud of her for the progress she is making!!

Her comment really resonated with me!

I have been SO focused on getting below 400 lbs - I mean obsessively focused, that once it happened, I didn't really have anything else to turn my focus towards.  All of a sudden all I could see was a very long road in front of me to get to my goal weight.  Instead of feeling good about my accomplishments so far, all I felt was frustrated and overwhelmed.  When I looked in the mirror I saw nothing of the progress made, I just saw more to do.  And that felt really crappy!  SO, I decided Kelly was right on with her observation of the situation, and so I decided to set another goal to get me focused.

In July I will celebrate another year of life here on the planet and I thought that would be a fitting date to set a goal around.  My average weight loss right now is between 3 - 4 lbs. each week. So, I am planning to lose another 48 lbs. by my birthday.  That will put me below 350 lbs. - and let me tell you what!  THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! **

I feel new life breathed into my journey.  I don't feel down in the dumps - ready to snap and binge eat at any moment.  WHAT A RELIEF!!

I owe it to my little sister - THANKS KELLY!!!!

Sometimes little sisters have wisdom beyond their years!!!  Mine seems to for sure!

Kelly has been reading Chris Powell's book 'Choose to Lose' - and she has nothing but good things to say about it.  She has learned a lot that is helping her to make and reach her own goals!  I am going to have to break down and read it myself!!!  I will let you know what I think!

**Oh yeah,  PLEASE don't tell me that planning for 3-4 lbs. of weight loss is too lofty. The recommended weight loss of 1 - 2 lbs. each week is based on 1% of the average person's body weight.  WELL, I am not the average person where my weight is concerned (at least not yet), and  3 - 4 lbs. is 1% of my body weight - Based on the 'science' used to arrive at a 1 - 2 lbs weekly weight loss goal, I think 3 - 4 lbs is reasonable for me.**


  1. Hi Connie! Happy Easter! I *don't* think that 3 pounds per week of loss is lofty in your situation. People in your weight range have lost up to 7 pounds in one week at my weight loss group. Of course, that does *not* happen every week. It varies from week to week. But one guy lost about 65 pounds last year, so go for it!

    :-) Marion

  2. You can do it.

    I know from my experience when I was struggling to get under 300 pounds, I actually put the scale away and just focused on what I knew was working for me. Before I knew it, I was well below 300. This is what worked for me....but that is because the scale stresses me out. I know other people NEED the scale to stay on course. You will find what works for you...but I know you can do it.