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05/18/13 - Weigh In & The Weekend

Today has been a pretty crazy, hectic day.  Regardless of the mania, I made sure to make time for my weigh in - even though I was feeling a little hesitant about it because of being very sedentary this last week due to my bout with vertigo (which thankfully came to an end yesterday!!  RELIEF!).

My girls are both playing volleyball right now.  Today was the end of the season tournament.  My oldest had a game at 8:30 AM, my youngest at 12:30.  We got up this morning and it was rush, rush, rush to get ready and get over to the game.

I didn't have time to do my weigh in before we left, which was really a bummer because there was no way I was going to consume food or water prior to my weigh in - and I was thirsty and hungry!  It also meant that secretly I was hoping that my daughter's team wouldn't win because if they did, well, we would be there for two games!  I felt REALLY bad about those thoughts when my daughter's team lost in a nail biter and all the girls were crying afterward, including my own daughter.


After the game we headed home for weigh in.  I was feeling really neutral about it.  I certainly didn't want to gain any weight, but I didn't feel like I was going to lose it if I didn't lose much.  This week was BRUTAL - I know I sound like a broken record about this vertigo thing, but honestly, it was really terrible - and I was just happy to feel normal again!  If nothing else, that was my win this week.

So, with that attitude, I got ready and stepped on the scale...

05/13/11 Weigh In
372.4!  It was only a 1 lbs. loss, but I still felt pretty good about it!  That brings my total weight loss to  57.6 lbs.


I have a goal to get below 350 lbs. by my birthday, which is 8.5 weeks away.  I still think its doable, but I am going to have to buckle down and make sure I am not allowing any bad habits to sneak in or I won't make it.

I also need to get back to my exercise routine.  I feel pretty committed to exercise 5 days a week - and I know that even though the first week back on track with exercise may not be pretty on the scales, eventually it will catch up and make an impact.

**Keeping My Fingers Crossed for Success**

After weigh in Chris and I went to run some errands.  We were planning to get our grocery shopping done, but somehow we ended up at Lane Bryant shopping for bras.  My husband is a saint.  He knew it had to be done - after this much weight loss, my bras were pretty much useless and I had resorted to wearing two, rather than buy new ones - so he was supportive when I asked to drop by Lanie's.    After an HOUR of measuring and testing bra after bra, I walked out with 2 new full coverage bras.  They weren't my first choice, but the demi, which was my first choice, was just a little too small and they didn't have it in a larger size.

Oh well, something to look forward to purchasing with more weight loss!

Because I spent so much time in Lane Bryant we ended up with no time to do our grocery shopping because we had to get back for my youngest daughter's volleyball game.  We rushed home, I threw on my new bra, and we headed out.  They lost their game too...but there weren't any tears.  They are younger and aren't quite as competitive yet.  I'm sure next year it will be a different story!


We will be playing a LOT of catch up this weekend with house work and yard work.  BLAH!  Not something I am looking forward to doing, but it must be done.

Some fun things we will make sure to fit in to give us a break from the cleaning and weeding:
  • Watching LES MISERABLE.  We still haven't seen it and Chris picked it up at the Redbox.  I am really looking forward to watching it and hope it lives up to all the hype!!
  • Watching the season finale of 'Scandal'.  I have been DYING to watch it, but I wanted to do it while walking on the treadmill.  Great motivation for me to get my exercise on!
I hope you have a great weekend!  

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  1. A loss is a loss! Keep it up, track EVERYTHING, and the scale will go down!

    (P.S... I feel you on the bra thing... my girls are shrinking and I really need new sports bras but can't bring myself to buy new ones yet)