Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This week has been pretty disorganized so far...and I don't like it.  I do not like it one little bit.

I was pretty much bed ridden over the weekend due to this little episode of vertigo, and right now going to work and making it through the day is taking just about all the energy I can muster - so when I get home, I am pretty much down and out - just tired of the constant movement in my head and ready for a break.  Well, as a result, none of the chores in the house are done (yes, my family is perfectly fine...but without Mom to crack the whip, well, not much gets done - I know you women out there understand what I'm saying here), no menu planning happened, none of the grocery shopping was is basically chaos around the Harris household.


The problem with the chaos and disorganization is that it makes it difficult for me to stay focused.  I find myself relying on eating out for lunch, rather than taking my own calorie friendly lunch. We talk about eating out for dinner every single night because coming up with a plan last minute just boggles our minds! We have resisted the temptation to eat out at dinner, but without a plan and groceries to support it, well, it's just a matter of time.


These bad habits must be squashed, and quickly, because if we keep cultivating them and allowing them to sneak back into our lives, well at a minimum they will make it incredibly difficult to stay on track - and at worst they will derail the journey.

This journey is hard enough as it is.  I don't need to do anything to increase the difficulty!!!  I have found time and time again that when I plan and prepare, I am successful - and not just on the scale.  I feel calm and focused, I feel capable of accomplishing what is required, I feel somewhat in control.  When I fail to plan, however, I feel the control slipping away, and the calm I previously felt is no where to be found.


So, today I will be spending time getting back to 'organized'.  Bidding farewell to the chaos. I will be getting a menu plan together, getting groceries to support said plan, getting my house back in shape, and getting my focus back!  I need it.  I need to feel peaceful and calm.  I need to regain control over those things that I can actually control.  I need my organization back!

Do any of you out there find that organization is a key to staying on your journey?

I did have another little something that I wanted to share today!  A NON SCALE VICTORY!!!  One that  really lifted my spirits!

When I arrived at work this morning I was greeted by a colleague from our Massachusetts facility who hasn't been in Salt Lake City for months - definitely before I started back on my weight loss and fitness journey.  So, the Connie  he last saw was 56.6 lbs. heavier (at least) than the Connie he encountered today!

This colleague was astounded by my weight loss - he was gushing over it.  He kept saying "You look so fantastic! You have obviously lost weight! How much have you lost??"   I was THRILLED!  Thrilled to have someone notice the change, thrilled that for him the change was DRAMATIC, and thrilled to be able to share my weight loss story so far!  It felt great!

You know, when people see you every day, the change is gradual for them - harder to detect.  Sometimes there aren't the "you look greats" and "my goodness, what are you doing to lose weights".  The little comments that can brighten the journey.  It isn't their fault - I mean, sometimes it is hard for even those on the journey to see the progress!!  But, apparently, for those who haven't seen you in a while - well, the changes are obvious!  And they let you know about it!  And those moments are to be CHERISHED, and filed away so that when the going gets tough, we can pull them out and relish them for a moment!!!

It was a great start to my day!  And, honestly, a great boost for the journey.

These darn weight loss journeys are long and arduous - especially if you are looking at 18 months to 2 years or longer to reach goal.  Of course, there are times when it doesn't necessarily feel worth it...but, today was a reminder to me that YES, IT IS!!! My body is changing!  Even if it is hard for me to see!  I am making progress! And even if the pace is slower than my impatient self would like, it is so much better to make slow progress than to make no progress at all!!!

I need to remember that every. single. day:  It is better to make slow progress than no progress at all!!!

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  1. I completely understand when it comes to cracking the whip on the family. If I'm not there to make sure it gets DOESN'T get done!

    And isn't it the best feeling when someone notices your weight loss and comments? It happened to me a couple weeks ago ;-)

  2. I completely, 100% agree that organization is key. Organization and routine. I am pretty set in my ways as far as routine goes. I know when I have to work out and nothing is going to come in the way of that. Yes, there are days that life happens and its uncontrollable, but 95% of the time, I'm at the gym at 3:30 after work, every single day. Weekends its 7am. I have to do it or I know that I'll stop.

    As far as meal planning goes, I'm super organized with that too. I have a calendar of what we're having for dinner for a month out. We may splurge from time to time and have a night out, like during the week its normally healthy like Panera or Subway, one weekend night might be a big heavier of a meal, but that too is life. Organizing has helped me completely stay on track and makes for cheaper shopping trips too.

    And yay for excellent comments! Hold on to those!! Great job!

  3. Connie, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your supportive comment. You make reader number two! :) I loved this entry. It is a long and arduous journey and it takes constant vigilance to stay on plan. Congratulations on your getting back to it.

    Also, thanks for letting me know that it's okay to tell someone they look fantastic. I always try to mention it when I notice it. One of my coworkers that I don't see but a few times a year showed up in our office the other day and I didn't even recognize him. Without thinking I gave him a big hug. (Yeah, I'm that girl.) It makes me sooo happy when people notice because it is soooo hard.

    Thanks for being there to share.


  4. You are absolutely right and it is hard to remember sometimes! :)