Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I was absolutely dreading walking my 5K last night.  I mean DREADING it.  I don't know why - I wasn't sore, it hadn't been so physically taxing that I couldn't imagine doing it again...I just didn't want to do it!

Yes, these are the times I just have to force myself to do it.

I whined to Chris about not wanting to do it, and here is how he responded:

"You're a bum Rock!  A bum!  You can't even catch a chicken!"

LOL!  I love that my husband's tactic to motivate me to get up and do my 5K is to shout a line from Rocky at me!  What is even funnier...IT WORKED!

I got up and got on the treadmill.

We wanted to watch the season finale of 'Bones' and I was so immersed in it that I was shocked when I checked my progress and found that I had been walking for 30 minutes!  The first half hour FLEW by!  I mean FLEW by!  I couldn't believe how fast it had gone by.  THANK GOODNESS FOR SMALL MIRACLES!

After the 30 minute mark, it started to get more difficult - I swear because I looked at how much time had elapsed - and I had to pull out the Bonnie / Connie talk.  It helped.  It really did.  I was able to get better focused and before I knew it Booth was telling Bones that he didn't want to marry her (seriously, this woman is supposed to be a genius!  HOW could she not see through this!!) and the show was ending.  I was at the 1 hour mark!


I knew I had about 13 minutes left - and I started thinking about that - a lot...and that made it oh so hard to keep going!!!  FINALLY, when I had about 5 minutes left I couldn't take it any more so I jacked the speed up on my treadmill to 3.6 so I could finish!  I was SO surprised that I was able to keep up at that pace AND not feel like I was going to fall off the treadmill (an absolute terror of mine) OR feel like I was going to collapse for over doing it.  I don't think I could walk the whole 5K at that pace - I know I couldn't, but it was nice to know I could do it for just a few minutes!

When my treadmill finally read 3.11 miles I was so ready to be done!  I wildly slapped at the stop button, hitting it over and over again...I was serious about being done!!  Well, my mania to get the treadmill stopped resulted in my end of workout results being erased from the treadmill display.  I was crushed.  CRUSHED! I really like to be able to take a picture of my workout results - having that photographic evidence that I really did it!

Even though I have no proof that I did it - well, except the eyewitness accounts of my husband, my two daughters, my niece and her friend Talon (who came down unexpectedly while I was doing my workout in my sports bra - I'm sure THAT was a treat for him) - I did it!

Two down, three to go!  GET READY BONNIE!  YOU WILL BEND TO MY WILL!


Wendy at Fitness Frog turned me onto this challenge...and MAN, I'm in!!!  What a great way to stay focused by making small goals each week!

Operation Skinny Jeans

With so much weight to lose, I absolutely have to stay focused on small goals.  If I focus on the big just overwhelms me.  So, this is a great challenge that, for me personally, will keep me thinking about small goals every week.

Obviously, my goal this week is....


Thanks Wendy for turning me onto this challenge AND to Operation Skinny Jeans.

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  1. Hi Connie! Husband--so funny! But seriously, very HUGE effort from you.<<That is exactly how it's done.

    :-) Marion

  2. Verry impressed with ur 5k goal. I like the play by play. Annnnd u got me thinking about putting my treadmill infront of the tv!

    1. Eves - it works! It really does! Keeps you focused on something other than the treadmill!

  3. I am glad you joined the challenge and found Operation Skinny Jeans' blog. I think she is as cute as a button. I love that your husband quoted Rocky, that is totally something my husband would do. I think half our conversations are in the form of movie quotes. Congrats on the walking the 5k again. That is awesome!! Oh, and you are the first person to give my little ol blog a shout out:) Thanks!

  4. Love Love love your weekly goal! I walked one today at the park. I'm inspired by your getting moving attitude I'm going to stalk your blog and hope it rubs off on me. :)

  5. I have always been afraid of flying off the back of the treadmill. I've only fallen once, and it wasn't a big deal. I've lost all the data when frantically trying to stop the treadmill too, bummer, but you know you did it.
    5 pounds at a time is how I lost the weight. Every five pounds lost = feeling so much better. The end goal is awesome but all the goals met in the process are life changing as well.
    You are doing awesome Connie!