Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last night before going to bed I had butterflies in my stomach - the eve of weigh in.

Weigh in eve is an ominous night in this household.  We teeter on the precipice of joy or sorrow - the entire mood of the weekend is determined by the three numbers that pop up on that scale (maybe I need to re-read my 'Power' post!!).

I was a nervous wreck thinking about it, hoping for the best, but dreading the worst.  I struggled to fall asleep and when I finally did I ended up dreaming about weigh in.  I dreamed I was trying desperately to weigh in, but no matter how hard I tried, I kept falling off the scale.  I moved the scale all over, trying to find a place where I could weigh in, but not matter where I tried I couldn't hold my balance and I would fall off.  Finally, I was able to prop myself up and hold myself steady enough to weigh in...the scale said 432 lbs.  I was distraught...and when I woke up I actually had tears running down my face.

Yes, I realize I seem to have serious psychological problems for which I need to seek help.

When I woke up with tears running down my face I thought two things 1) I am very strange and need help and 2) I better get this weigh in over.  So weigh in I did, and.......


A loss of 4.4 lbs. this week, a total of 10.2 lbs. lost.  

I was thrilled!

The mountain is a moving!


  1. Great loss!  Congratulations:)

  2. Great job on the loss! I had a lot of weight-related nightmares when I first started losing. Like one where I woke up "at goal" but couldn't move my body. The name of my blog, actually, comes from a dream I had before I decided to get healthy - I dreamt that I unzipped my skin and my bones went for a walk, and the wind was whipping through my ribcage and sounded musical and whimsical, but I couldn't enjoy it because I couldn't see or hear. And I decided that losing my sight and hearing would be "a small loss" if it meant I could feel what it was like to be unburdened by extra weight. I realized I was willing to sacrifice everything to feel healthy, and then I set out to make it happen.

  3. I honestly hope that I am at that point that I am willing to do whatever it takes! Already the changes I have made in the way I eat are really making a difference (not just weight loss). Right now I am contemplating a workout regimen. We’ll see where I land on that!